MDQ- Live at the Aberfal Album Release Oct 20th, 2021

 MDQ Live will be released on 20 of October on all digital providers and two days later on Off Record on the 22nd… 

Use this pre-save link to make sure it pops up on your playlist ready to go, saving the hassle and distractions of searching it out.

“MDQ – Live at the Aberfal Blauhaus” is distributed by the Off Record label – available on bandcamp and all streaming services.

Mac’s compositional style is interpreted by some as ‘transgressive’ because it can drift between classical, jazz, ambient – even experimental improvisation. I would add that there is a romanticism too, a meditative convergence of minimalist rhythmic and melodic trajectories.”

Dom Culpan,

 MDQ Live at the Aberfal Blauhaus
Mac Dunlop Quartet

Track list
1 – Wednesday – Organic Brew    5:31   
2 – Thursday – Viral Beach        6:50   
3 –  Friday – Miles            6:34   
4 – Saturday – Slow Low        4:29   
5 – Sunday – Cloud Smile        8:45   
6 – Monday – KT RIP            5:45   
7 – Tuesday – Equal Air         4:24   

On November 17th, 2020  MDQ performed these seven ‘daily thread’ compositions for the first time at the Aberfal, using a combination of streaming technology and live recording. The atmosphere is hard to describe, partly because of the pandemic restrictions on events and live performances at the time. If the recent slowdown teaches us anything, its that we must do what we can to heal the wounds we’ve made to the planet, and try to imagine into reality a more just and equal future for everyone.
Peace be with you.


 to find out more, leave a comment here, or check out The Piano Lounge or An Ambient Year on FB, or Mac Dunlop on most other social platforms.


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