Heteronymic Data Variation

“…noises will be caused by electrical interference from domestic appliances, power cables, television receivers, computers and the like.”

(Short Wave Listeners Confidential Frequency List, 8th edition)

Heteronymic Data Variation used an analogue SSB transceiver 
to simultaneously receive and transmit the electromagnetic radiation created at the radio broadcasting location by its generating equipment and physical location. 
These sounds inform the performer’s acoustic compositions*.

(*As a radio wave travels from the transmitting to the receiving antenna, it may be disturbed by reflections from buildings and other large obstacles. Disturbances arise when several such reflected parts of the wave reach the receiving antenna and interfere with the reception of the wave. – source, Encyclopedia Britannica)

Persistence: bridge03f

electromagnetic radiation is the persistent trace of a singularity (the ‘big bang’), the universal persistence of this radiation is time.

Heteronymic Data excerpt I:



Acoustic Piano,
Acoustic Cello
Electric Cello
Radio Transceiver
Artificial Voice

duration 45 minutes
Transmission Structure:
2 performers simultaneously conduct electronic and acoustic instruments. Artificial voices appear in reactive responses to the live electromagnetic signals being generated by the broadcast transmission equipment and its location.

Heteronymic Data Excerpt II:


Oak Matthias, Cellist and Electronics Artist
Mac Dunlop, Pianist and Poet

Veena and AlexAI, artificial voices

Heteronymic Solo Variation (Petrichor):

Heteronymic Data Variations