Piano Lessons at TPL

steinway-1-IMG_6424As a self taught pianist for so long it may seem paradoxical for me to suggest formal study as way of improving technique both in improvisation and in learning tunes. I came late to learning through a strong desire to sight read music, and to understand more about melody, harmony and composition. I have had regular piano lessons and found it has helped me improve my fingering technique and to discover other areas in my playing that I needed to work on. Most importantly it has helped me gain confidence in sight reading and in understanding music theory such as modalities and chord structure that I wasn’t even aware of.
Now I’m at the stage that I can offer introductory study and lessons to students of all ages who want to get started with their piano and keyboard playing but perhaps aren’t so sure where to begin. A few simple tunes can help strengthen fingers improve rhythmic coordination and get the dexterity flowing, along with developing left and right hand independence and coordination.page_0
If you want to give it a try, get in touch, lessons are usually £25 per hour, but TPL offers an introductory 1 hour trial lesson for £15 so students can see if this is the right thing for  them before formally getting started.

I am based in Falmouth, Cornwall, for one to one sessions, and will sort out online tutoring quite soon. If you are interested, get in touch using the contact form below.
and thanks for reading through the information
Mac D
on behalf of TPL
The Piano Lounge





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