Somewhere Nearby by Mac Dunlop released by Off-record

 Somewhere Nearby
by Mac Dunlop
released by Off-record

“I love it – so fragmented and just kind of dream like – snapshots of sounds and motifs going round like some kind of slightly unhinged music box.”
– Elizabeth Alker, The Unclassified Show, BBC Radio 3

individual tracks or the whole album is available at:
and they are also available on streaming providers like Spotify, amazon and all major music streaming providers

YouTube Music:

Here are the eight tracks and brief descriptions as to where they might fit in your playlist selections.

fits nicely into any ‘ambient’ playlist. The rhythms hover and evolve throughout the composition. It glides along and eventually lands smoothly somewhere nearby.

Somewhere Nearby
is the title track of the album. A unique arrangement of chord and key patterns this will fit into any relaxing piano playlist .

Sine Wave Curious
explores the weaving of acoustic and sythesised instruments. An adventurous journey of call and responses between two orbiting worlds.

Lockdown World
Another meditation on a simple theme, another moving piece for your piano lounge playlist.

Migration in Three Parts
Is a ‘narrative without words’, a composition for piano and synthesiser that evolves through three different cycles. The migrations are of many things, of birds, of people. The shift of sands and winds that move us from place to place. Another one for an ambient playlist.

Wharf Interlude
Is a composition for piano and flute. A single movement through melodies, harmonies and counterpoint. A quiet dialogue between two instruments.

E flat Sine Wave

Piano and synthesiser weave between each other, ethereal sounds wafting throughout. Sometimes a single note, sometimes a chorus vibrating in the background. This one is about creating an atmosphere of devotion

Bianka’s Song

Begins with a woodlands dawn chorus creating the space in which the piano composition can begin. Another perfect addition to any chill zone piano playlist.

This is the first of 3 2021 releases with Off record. Other releases are also available on


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