The Laughing Dampenier

The Laughing Dampenier


“..sounds the physical sound”

Dr. R Mills, Ethernet Orchestra

Is a new release from Mac Dunlop and The Piano Lounge.
The album title is a play on Frans Hals painting – The Laughing Cavelier – and J.S. Bach’s collection of studies – The Well Tempered Clavier.
The title track is one of 6 prepared piano improvisations responding to the unique character of an upright at Jubilee Warehouse in Penryn, Cornwall. Recorded on Sunday September 8th, 2019.
(the piano dampener had a slight scratch when activated which results in a squeaking/chuckling sound, and is used rhythmically in the improvised piece.)

1 get it govinda
2 belles
3 the laughing dampenier
4 thief key
5 bill etude
6 belles
7 unbreath

this is the second Piano Lounge album, to find out more about the first check out “Petrichor”








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